Apprenticeship Pattern: Share what you Learn

“Share What you learn”

This short sentence has so much to take in. This sentence has always come in my way and I appreciate everyone who has taught and shared their experience and teachings with me.

My parents always taught me if you want to be better at something you have to share your knowledge with others. It will help you and others. It is good for the community as well so that people are aware of certain things and would understand your point of view.

In the Computer Science field, it is absolutely important to share the knowledge. You learn the basics when starting to learn a language but how to implement those basic to intermediate and advanced levels. You need someone to spark your creativity in it. I am lucky to have such mentors and classmates who were understanding about my lack of knowledge in the beginning of my first semester at university. They shared some of their work and how they did which helped me see and learn the program in a different and convenient way. 

Teaching is a powerful learning tool…”When one person teaches, two people learn.”

Sharing adds on to the ability of reviewing the task in the past as well. Couple months ago, one of the freshmen was struggling to solve an algorithm problem where you have to  prove each speed’s growth. His frustration caught my attention because a year ago I saw myself struggling on that same problem. I walked by and asked if he needed help. I gave my explanation and showed him an easier way to do it. I was amazed how fast I was able to do and I still remember.

Sharing what you have learned in the past with others keeps you on track as well. The mind alters you to keep it simple and informative at the same time. Before teaching others especially your team, you have to come up with a strong structured technique so that they can understand it better. The challenge is to keep it simple while getting the main points in it as well. You would find yourself in rethinking and researching MORE to make it simple for others and yourself to understand it better.

Learn, share and be the source of knowledge for others and for yourself.

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