3: Sprint Retrospective

Recently we finished our last sprint. This was our 3rd sprint. During this sprint my team and I worked on setting the registerGuest app together. We mainly focused on databases and getting the docker working. Each one of us spent time on learning about docker. Most time was spent on the database as we were having some trouble running it and Docker because no one was familiar with Docker. However, we managed to get the database working for the app. Everyone was familiar with the components of the project, besides docker. But we are happy that we got the docker containers running. Overall, the team did a good job in reviewing each other’s work which helped progress the sprint. Zoom meetings, constant discussion on errors via texts were helpful. Main thing was keeping track of gitlab issues that were created and working on them kept everyone on the same page.I believe we did a great job as a team contributing toward the project.

My contribution:

This sprint was quite challenging for me. I started off by researching more on Docker. After reading about Docker I tried to install docker desktop. Unfortunately, the Docker desktop was not supported by windows 10 and MacBook version 10. I started to research more on installing docker. One of the helpful resources I found was from Docker Hub. I followed the tutorial from Docker Hub and installed Docker toolbox. I followed up with Shams, because she and I both installed Docker toolbox form there. I experimented with Docker toolbox and tried to run by creating a new angular app. I was struggling for a while but looked at Shams and did a zoom meeting on how she was able to get it running. We both discussed what error I was getting.

When docker toolbox was working, I worked on helping my team connect the docker containers together. Again, it was challenging because the angular app was able to read each other individually but the servers were unable to connect to each other. We are able to open the shell inside docker and run the app but due to the servers not being connected to each other we were unable to run the project with docker. However, discussing and having 6 meetings on zoom about the problems we were facing we got each part of the app running inside the docker container locally.

After everything was running properly, I reviewed, approved some issues on gitlab. Also, after shams made some adjustments to is-register-webui, I went back to gitlab and clean coded is-register-webui, fixing the padding, the window size, borders and WSU logo position and pushed the final results.

What didn’t went well:

Things that did not go well for me was running docker properly and using Angular materials.

I was curious and excited to work on docker and angular materials. I spent more time researching docker and Angular material. I was not able to use Angular material on this project because it was time consuming to get it working on time and I knew it would take more time since the deadline for the project was near. However, with CSS and HTML code I am impressed how the design came out. 

Docker was not friendly. I was not familiar with it and neither one of my teammates were but the team managed to run the app locally. 


What we could have done was focusing on main things and being organised a little more. I felt everything seemed scattered. I was lost sometimes. Interacting more with each other on certain problems and discussing with each other what they are planning on doing and how they will be doing it would have been helpful.

Individual improvement?

Some areas where I feel like I could improve would be time management and keep track of the project progress. Due to lack of knowledge on docker and angular material (what I wanted to work on since I was done with is-register-web-ui) I spent more time in research and sending links and notes to my teammates about those two, I spent less time in contributing on gitlab issues. It would have been better if I were introduced and have resources about docker and angular materials.

The Project:





  • Learn about Docker:


  • Experiment with Docker:


  • Running the Angular App in Docker container:


  • Dockerfile:


Cleaning code Links:

  • is-registered-web-ui- app.component.ts:


  • is-registered-web-ui-app.component.html:


  • is-registered-web-ui-app.component.css:


  • is-registered-web-ui-app.module.ts:


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