Apprenticeship Patterns: Sweep the Floor

To be successful in software development field communication, dedication of working along with different work environments, gaining trust from team members and clients is important. Imagine you are new in a fully developed team. All team members know each other well enough to be comfortable discussing the software that they will be working on. And … More Apprenticeship Patterns: Sweep the Floor

Apprenticeship Patterns: Read Constantly

Reading consistently give you ability to make our mind active. Reading constantly about good programming will build your knowledge and would open more understanding of programming. “If you read even one good programming book every two months, roughly 35 pages a week, you’ll soon have a firm grasp on the industry and distinguish yourself from … More Apprenticeship Patterns: Read Constantly

Apprenticeship Patterns: Be The Worst

“Be the lions tail rather than the fox’s head!” I enjoyed doing the reading. It is portrayed well enough to understand the basic concept of how one should emerge in the field of computer science. Three things that caught attention towards this practice were: learning new skills, taking risks and surrounding yourself with great developers. … More Apprenticeship Patterns: Be The Worst