Lets talk about path testing. What I have learned about path testing in my software testing class. Path testing is an approach to testing, it tests if each path has been executed at least once. It helps determine all the faults lying within the given code. Basic Approach is DD PATH TESTING “BUT” first we … More PATH TESTING

Decision Table

We will use the Function int discountPercent(double price, int pastOrderCount) and the table below to create the decision table Past Order Count Percent Discount pastOrderCount < 10 0% 10 ≤ pastOrderCount ≤ 40 5% 40 < pastOrderCount 10% We have to consider all Conditions and Actions that can possibly be formed for Normal Testing – … More Decision Table

What is Back-end Developer?

“A backend developer is a type of programmer who creates the business logic of a software application or information system. “ “The key job role of a backend developer is to ensure that the data or services requested by a user through the front-end system or software are delivered through programmatic means.”  Skills needed for backend developers: focus on databases, scripting … More What is Back-end Developer?

Difference between the different levels of testing

There are four types of levels of testing Unit/ Component Testing Integration Testing System Testing Acceptance Testing Unit Testing verify each part of the software by isolating. It then performs the tests to represents the individual component is correct in terms of fullifing the requirements and desired functinality. Qulity of Unit Testing includes: performs earliest … More Difference between the different levels of testing

Software Framework

Software Framework is a platform for developing software applications. Providing a foundation on which software developers can build programs for a specific platform. Frameworks are known to be bundled snippets of code (Upwork) more like a shortcut for developers so it. However, they also offer features like models, APIs and other elements needed for development … More Software Framework