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Hi everyone, I am Arisha Jahan Khan.

I recently graduated from Worcester State University with B.S. in Computer Science.

Why I pursued my degree in Computer Science, Software DEV? Well, as we all know that Tech world is advancing day by day to make our lives easier. I mean self driving cars? electric cars? Hats off to Elon Mask! BUT also to all the engineers who are working ‘smart’ 24/7 to place unique yet innovative materials on to public’s hands. Business, startups, hospital, in which ever path you choose you will stumble upon technology. It is now connected to us. Face Scanning, thumb prints, eyes and voice reorganization we only saw those on movies. Isn’t it astonishing to see how a human brain can function. Experimenting with Programming languages, and web technologies is not easy. It is time consuming like ever other career. However, it is creative! You are able to use your creativity, solve problem with different solutions. That is the beauty. You don’t memorize it (expect for the syntax and basic call etc)

My projects are uploaded in gitlab: CScoder

You can visit my LinkdeIn: Arisha Khan

or you can peek in to my resume: RESUME


I am a professional squash player as well!

Below you can find the summary of some of my projects that I have done!

Review on Projects

3: Sprint Retrospective

Recently we finished our last sprint. This was our 3rd sprint. During this sprint my team and I worked on setting the registerGuest app together. We mainly focused on databases and getting the docker working. Each one of us spent time on learning about docker. Most time was spent on the database as we were … More 3: Sprint Retrospective

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